Uncovering infidelity

We are often tasked with uncovering whether a partner has been unfaithful in a relationship. Unfortunately, this suspicion is often proven to be true. Uncertainty in the long term can also undermine a relationship. It is better to know what’s what as soon as possible.

Many people get the impression – mostly from movies – that private investigators work as lone wolves (perhaps with a single partner) to sneak after the surveilled person, and all it takes to succeed is good observation skills and alertness.

The truth is that surveillance is teamwork. It requires the synchronised cooperation of a well-oiled team, which is why it is one of the more expensive services in private investigation. At the same time, it is perhaps the only way to acquire absolute certainty. Based on our general experiences, men and women equally solicit this service, with women using it slightly more frequently: the average ratio is 60:40 to women.

uncovering infidelity

When you might suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

  • If their behaviour suddenly changes: they start taking up new habits and spend a suspicious amount of time away from home
  • If they become irritable to questions like “what are you doing tonight?” or “what time will you be home?”
  • If new hobbies and/or many hours of overtime suddenly take up most of their time
  • If they make sure you never get to use their phone or computer
  • If they regularly provoke arguments, creating excuses for them to leave the house
  • If they are suddenly less thoughtful with you, conversations and phone calls become scarcer and their behaviour towards you becomes colder and more calculated
  • If they suddenly start criticising you for things they never used to have any problems with

In addition to the above, there may be many other signs that your partner is cheating on you. If you pick up on these signs, it is often not the best idea to start investigating on your own. Your partner may turn out not to be cheating on you at all, and if they found out that you have been suspicious – or even investigated them –, it can lead to hostility in the relationship. This can even trigger many other conflicts later on.

Documenting infidelity cases

documenting infidelity cases
A basic requirement of surveillance is keeping very detailed and accurate “logs”, marking the specific times any event takes place. Surveillance reports must also record every movement accurately and with great detail. It must be synchronised with the documentation, no matter how the client later plans to use the information and the compiled materials.

There are clients who wish to be informed of everything immediately. For the most part, this is not feasible, and at the same time it can also negatively affect the outcome of the operation. This can easily derail the investigation. The client can sabotage or debilitate the surveillance if they “give themselves away” and attack their partner based on partial results or confront them and hold them accountable for their lies.

This may tip the husband/wife off to avoid doing “anything wrong” for a while.



Why leave the surveillance to us?

Because we know how to treat and solve a case with maximum discretion. With our investigative services and many years of experience, we can help you prevent unnecessary marital or relationship conflicts, confirm and document reasonable suspicions or perhaps even refute it. This documentation might even be used in a court case. If the possibility of infidelity has been ruled out, your partner never has to know that you hired a private investigator.

What not to do?

Rule number one in any relationship is honesty. What I always recommend to everyone is to first try to clear the suspicion up with your partner. If that doesn’t lead anywhere and you still have doubts, this can be a good time to turn to a professional. What we will definitely advise you against is investigating “on your own”. If you “give yourself away”, it can lead to further tensions and irreversible processes, and it might even make the future investigative work of professionals even more difficult.

If you are tossing and turning over whether your partner is cheating on you, call us at +36 1 475 1454. Don’t forget, we treat every piece of information confidentially from the very first message. Everything stays between us whether you employ our services or not.

Exciting case studies from our practice

Are women more cunning?

Women cheat. Although that is a fact, it is often more difficult to catch them in the act because they often tell the truth… By and large, with perhaps slightly different details.

“A gentleman from the countryside asked us to find out whether his wife, who said she had gone to Budapest for a conference, was in fact spending her time elsewhere. The story she told her husband was all completely true: she was in Budapest at a conference. She participated in the lectures actively and did her job professionally. Except, she spent her nights in a room with one of her colleagues, and they were holding hands at breakfast in the morning. She was so confident that the truth, that there was indeed at a conference, would cover up everything else, that she neglected to pay attention to the tiny details.”

From long distance to distrust

Absence often makes the heart grow jealous… if you can’t be there with your partner, if you can’t feel love and attention from them, your imagination can often get away with you. Or perhaps it was your last meeting that triggered the suspicion, and it is more difficult to keep an eye on your partner from a distance.

In such cases, we often get overseas requests to follow a client’s partner for a few days.

As it happens, a few days of surveillance may only prove that your partner hasn’t done anything illegitimate during that time. Luck is also an element in success. Things have to go in a certain way and at a certain time for suspicions to be proven right. However, deep in their hearts, every client secretly hopes that their suspicions will be proven wrong.

When we uncover more than infidelity

“A lady contacted us with the suspicion that her partner might have a lover. He did… it was their accountant, almost 20 years younger than the client, who was three months pregnant with the man’s child when the infidelity was discovered. In addition to this, our investigators helped the client discover that the husband not only had one company as he had claimed, but was practically the owner of a corporate empire, with a much vaster fortune than he had revealed to her.”

Internet infidelity?

Online dating services are becoming increasingly common. However, the Internet – and it cannot be stressed enough – is often a “hotbed” for con artists.

“A young woman became the victim of an Internet con man, and by the time she had begun being suspicious, the seducer had successfully conned her out of millions of forints. Initially, the lady contacted us with a request to see if the young man had any other partner besides her. In fact, there were many others. As it turned out, the young man was a professional con artist, seducing wealthy women, gaining their confidence and robbing them of their money.”

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, call us now at +36 1 475 1454, or send us a message. We treat every message and phone call with maximum discretion.

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