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private investigationThe work of an investigator seems highly mysterious, although private investigators are usually very sociable people, and most of the methods we use are not quite as exciting as they seem on television. Many don’t know that investigative work is often done behind a desk these days, as the various databases that are available nowadays can go a long way in solving cases. In many cases, however, fieldwork is unavoidable. Information gathered from various sources is aggregated.

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There are cases where most of the job consists of fieldwork—with surveillance, for example. A typical example is investigating infidelity. Surveillance can be conducted by multiples cars as needed, with additional investigators on the ground.

Common cases we are hired to investigate:

  • Adultery, infidelity in a relationship
  • SurveillanceSurveillance
  • Child custody cases
  • Inheritance cases
  • Family cases, lawsuits
  • Family tree research
  • Recovering missing persons

How do you select the right investigator?

It is important to always do a background check on your investigator. Your priority is to hire someone highly trained so that you can expect the investigation to be effective. A degree and extensive experience are no longer required for receiving a license as a private investigator.

Our private investigators

Investigative experience is key. However, creativity is an indispensable skill in this profession, as we often have to make spontaneous decisions. A truly good investigator can call also upon his 10-20 years of experience to make the right decision, because he’s seen and solved countless situations.

I and my team have gathered extensive experience in many different kinds of cases. However, there are private investigators who are only specialised in a certain field, which is why you should always make sure to ask for references related to your relevant area. Our colleagues are specialists in the many methods of intelligence gathering—surveillance, studying the environment, confidential, covert, and overt data gathering—, as well as analysing and assessing the information gathered and planning and executing special security and investigative measures.

Private investigation alongside police investigation

If you have already alerted the police, we can still help you. We have solved many cases in cooperation with the police. The Hungarian police force is unfortunately highly overloaded, with investigators having to divide their attention among several cases at the same time. The help of a private investigator, who is only focused on solving your problem, may come in handy.

In addition, our team includes private investigators with a background in the police force or at the secret service. They are at least as highly trained and experienced as police officers, and many of them have received special training.

Trust is a rare treasure, as they say. This is one of our fundamental values. We treat every client and every case with maximum discretion under all circumstances. This also applies for your request for a price quotation and the discussions during the preliminary consultation. Whether or not you decide to buy our services, you can rest assured that your secrets are safe with us. Contact us now and ask for a price quotation.

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