Recovering missing persons

We might be looking for someone for many reasons.

A beloved family member or friend may have disappeared without warning. However, there is no need to immediately assume the worst. It can often be explained by a new love affair or a prolonged party. Or sometimes the missing person may have disappeared on purpose to take revenge for an offence and to make others worried. At the same time, it is indeed possible that they have been victims of a crime. This is why if someone disappears, the sooner you turn to a private investigator, the better. You increase your chances of recovering the missing person unharmed.

By “missing person”, we often mean looking for a long-lost friend or classmate you haven’t seen for decades, an old flame or perhaps a family member you have drifted apart from.

No matter the scenario, a private investigator agency can be highly efficient in recovering these missing persons.

recovering missing persons

What we need from you?

Firstly, it is most important that you give us all the information you have on the person, including the following:

  • Photos
  • A personal description
  • Details from or copies of their tax, social security and ID cards and passport
  • When and where they were last seen
  • How the person behaved when you last saw them
  • Distinguishing marks, if any.

Any information can prove incredibly helpful. Naturally, if all you have is an old name, a private investigator will still be able to find your person even if they have changed their name for marriage or other reasons.

However, the more information we know about the missing person, the easier it is for us to find them. It may seriously impede the investigation if we are looking for a person who’s running from the law, but such investigations are often concluded successfully, nevertheless.

How do we find the missing person?

Private investigators have access to various resources that are not available to the “everyman”. We use state-of-the-art technology and have access to several databases.

How long would it take?

This depends mostly on whether the missing person wants to find or intentionally want to hide. There was already an example that we found someone in 24 hours. It is much easier to find an old family member or love than a man who is fleeing from the law. The duration of the research depends on the amount and usefulness of the information you provide.

Why should you hire a private investigator?

A private investigator team can find a more fleeting person much more quickly, more efficiently and at a much lower cost. This is also because a good private detective bureau is trained, experienced, has the most up-to-date technology and has access to a wealth of databases. Because of this, they are able to find someone more cost-effectively than you are.

If you would like to look for someone, contact with us. We handle all messages with maximum discretion!

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