Family cases, lawsuits

Any family can encounter severe arguments, seemingly irreconcilable disagreements and the resulting problems that may necessitate the involvement of a private investigator.

family cases


It is common when two parties cannot reach an agreement on the specific conditions of their divorce. It is not only a lawyer that comes in handy when that happens, but also a private investigator. Divorcing married couples often try to hide their true wealth and cheat the other person. A private investigator agency can not only investigate and find evidence but can also credibly document their findings. Such documentation is admissible in court. Distribution of wealth and agreeing on an amicable settlement can be made easier with the help of a private investigator.

An investigator can also help in child custody cases, on which you can find detailed information here.

Inheritance cases

Inheritance procedures might end up becoming a “case” in a number of ways. The most common complication is inheritance theft, where somebody forges a will. This is often done prior to the death of the will’s creator.

Another common case is having an appointed family member represent the whole family during the inheritance procedure. In such cases, the “reliable” family member often turns out to not be so reliable, and his or her actions are less driven by concern for the welfare of the other family members.

Also common is hiding certain assets, such as cash, jewelry or foreign property, etc.

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