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Art of the Surveillance

The surveillance is a multi-purpose tool of the private investigative methods using in different types of investigations. Working alone or as a member of a smaller or bigger surveillance team and in remote field locations, surveillance investigators are required to have concentration, discipline and creativity making immediate decisions based on subject activity and different field location and conditions.

As opposed to general awareness, surveillance is a co-coordinated group activity involving several persons and vehicles. The composition of a surveillance group depends on the task (target), the expected movement, assumed activities and the known network of relationships of the target person. Professional surveillance is not identical with following and the various technical equipment and cannot substitute human input and actions; they can only be auxiliary tools of professional surveillance.

Baráth and Partners’ surveillance department provides covert, protective (stand-off) and counter-surveillance services depending the type of different cases.

In the course of surveillance operations, our surveillance officers give primary consideration to discretion, maintaining secrecy, besides professionalism!

The major cases of the surveillance operations:

Cheating spouse investigations
Cheating spouse investigations

Family protections
Family protections

Child custody investigation
Child custody investigation
Other family case
Other family case

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